Booster Club Purchases

The Grizzly Way Booster Club began accepting funding requests, submitted by coaches or sponsors, in March 2022. Since then, the Booster Club has been able to fund more than $20,000 in requests. Check out our purchases below!

Funding requests are reviewed monthly at the Grizzly Way Booster Club board meetings. Coaches/sponsors are invited to attend to discuss their request, answer questions, etc. if they wish to do so. When making a decision to approve a funding request, the board considers the following factors:

  • Available Booster Club funds

  • School contributions, if applicable

  • Team contributions, if applicable

  • Who benefits from the purchase

  • Number of students impacted

  • Longevity of the item

  • Need vs. Want

We look forward to continuing to support of ALL athletics and activities at North Point in the coming year!

Freelap Timing System

Requestor: Coach Zangriles

Purchase Benefits: Speed & Agility Class/Football/Track/Cross Country/All-School Strength & Speed

Cost: $1424.00

Aircat Volleyball Shooter

Requestor: Coach Wilmes

Purchase Benefits: Volleyball

Cost: $1,500.00

Dr. Dish Rebel+ Shooting Machine

Requestor: Coach Young, Coach Johnson

Purchase Benefits: Girls/Boys Basketball

Cost: $1,500.00

Announcement Board

Requestor: Dr. Adams

Purchase Benefits: All School

Cost: $596.00

GoPro Camera

Requestor: Coach Zammit

Purchase Benefits: Girls/Boys Swim

Cost: $467.48

Strength & Speed Record Board

Requestor: Coach Zangriles

Purchase Benefits: All-School Strength & Speed, Physical Education Department, Football, All Sports

Cost: $1830.00

Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon

Requestor: N/A

Purchase Benefits: Faculty/Staff

Cost: $734.19

All-School Strength & Speed 80% Attendance T-Shirts

Requestor: Coach Zangriles

Purchase Benefits: All-School Strength & Speed

Cost: $599.62

12" JBL Speaker

Requestor: Mr. Milhous

Purchase Benefits: Theatre, Band, Choir

Cost: $615.34

Rack Performance

Requestor: Coach Zangriles

Purchase Benefits: PE Department

Cost: $1500.00

Equipment & Uniforms for the Culinary Program

Requestor: Ms. Krug

Purchase Benefits: NPHS Culinary Arts Prostart Competition Team

Cost: $500.00